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Five reasons customers fail to complete photobook projects and what to do about it

Neil Bather Photobooks, Photo gifts & Calendars

There’s no doubt that the digital era has made photo storage and printing of cherished memories easier. Why is it then, that customers often fail to complete their photobook projects and sometimes, less than 30% of those actually complete their purchase? Today we’ll look at some key reasons that customers fail to complete their photobook projects.

Reason 1:

The customer doesn’t know how to create designs or don’t have the creative flair to build their own designs.


Make sure that you are giving your customers lots of design themes to choose from. Themes like wedding, travel, baby and holidays will give the customer the confidence to start a photobook project. Within those templates, make sure there’s a good variety of page layouts (with and without text boxes), backgrounds, fonts and clip art to ensure the customer can create exactly the look they’re after without having to create these design elements manually.

Reason 2:

The customer doesn’t have their images sorted into folders or has 1000s of images to search through.


Make sure customers can pull in images from external sources like Google Photos, Facebook, Instagram or a proprietary picture storage service. Better still, use Taopix’s new artificial intelligence features to select the customer’s best pictures for them!

Reason 3:

The customer has gotten stuck in their design process or is unsure of how to order the product or next steps.


Make sure your customer has support. If they get stuck whilst designing or are unsure of the next step, they may want to get help right away. Try and have a live chat system or at least a detailed FAQs section that helps your customer troubleshoot.

Reason 4:

The customer has become demotivated or “too busy” to complete the project.


Remind them about their project (but not too often). Remind your customer that you’re still there and not to give up on all the effort they’ve put in. Your offline customers can be reminded too! Send newsletters or tips and tools that will encourage them to complete their project.

Reason 5:

The customer is jumping from supplier to supplier (usually due to special offers)


Make it worth their while to stick with your company. Build a loyalty program for your customers, after all, everyone loves being rewarded! It could be a voucher after a certain amount has been spent or a percentage off. You could even use your own points to currency system where a customer accumulates some credit for every purchase.

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