Ideal Individualisation with our Personalised Gift Engine

admin Personalised Gift Engine & VDP

Is unrestricted freedom in design and creation your priority? 

Put the power of images to good use with the bundled Personalised Gifting Desktop software. It gives you the ability to create variable documents in your own working environment with InDesign and to create personalised image sets with the Designer tool. Just a few clicks and your files are uploaded and available world-wide on the Personalised Gifting Desktop. And to make sure that you stay in the picture, no matter how many images are uploaded, we keep your product administration easy-to-handle with a well-organised tree-structure ascertaining that you can quickly and easily find all documents and image sets.

Why not jump a demo and let your designers join you, just to see how easy it can be!

For more information please email or call 0845 6437490.