Multiple Job Cache and Autoscaling

Multiple Job Cache and Autoscaling

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Our personalised gift engine is the next generation of a well-established product offering improved features and enhance functionality gained through user experience. 

Caching multiple job and autoscaling are two examples:

Using image sets in various jobs requires the image sets to be available in various sizes and the upload of all different variations of a set to the server.  But with our personalised gift engine there is no need to upload the various sets – the server’s ‘autoscaling’ will scale the relevant set down to the size in which it is needed. As a result, less storage space is used and administration effort reduced. 

The caching of images is an important factor when creating images at high speed. Multiple job caching makes those images already rendered and cached available for more than one job. This enhances system performance and saves time specifically when using the same images or variations and also when re-rendering jobs already printed.


In addition to rendering print files, our Personalised Gift Engine helps you streamline your print production with automated workflows. 

A special feature is the DigiPrint Workflow with order-independent accumulation and efficient printing of same-format-pieces on multiple printed panels. This cost saves and allows you to produce several high quality, individualised print on one print sheet. The daily production is easily and comfortably monitored and administrated via browser. From here you can allocate jobs to workflows or let the server do the job automatically.