The personalised gifting industry in the UK has witnessed a massive growth

Neil Bather Photobooks, Photo gifts & Calendars

You could be part of this growth in 2020!
If you are a digital printer, have a website and could do with an additional revenue stream, look no further! We are the only UK reseller of Taopix. Taopix is a leading provider of a white label personalisation and photo commerce software, that easily integrates with your current website. Which enables easy online ordering of personalised gifts that flow directly into your production. To read more click here .
It’s as easy as 1,2,3
Below are the three easiest personalised gifts any digital printer can start selling straight away, Photobooks, Greetings cards and prints. There are other lucrative products like calendars, personalised paper height charts, canvasses, wrapping paper the list goes on.
What our customers say…

We have a variety of customers from digital printers, online retailers, large supermarkets, photo labs, specialist bookbinders, all of which are successfully using our white-label software.
All of the customer-facing components including the checkout can be customised to match your website branding. If your system needs to serve multiple store-fronts, then each one can have its own custom appearance.
Get involved and take it to the next level
Once you are comfortable selling familiar products, maybe increase your offering to other photo gifts, like fridge magnets, t-shirts, coasters, jigsaws, baubles, iPad cases, phone covers, tote bags, key rings, the list goes on. When you become a Taopix customer you’ll receive access to a Launch Pack, where you’ll find a range of pre-built themes and product collections.

To find out if photo gifting is for a good fit for you, just give us a call on 0845 6437490 or email