Tips to create the perfect online personalisation and photo gift store

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Purchasing your Taopix personalisation and photo gift software is only the first step of your journey to becoming an online photo gift retailer. Today, we’ll help you with 4 tips to creating the perfect online personalisation and photo gift store.

Be Clear About Your Offering

It’s important that your customer can see instantly that they are in the right place. Imagery is very important, but so is your content! Often you’ll find that although beautiful illustrations are used on websites, they’re not a good representation of what’s on offer. Your USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) should be apparent without needing to look through multiple pages.

Use The 3-Step Approach

Presenting too many options to the client before taking them to the designer can be deterring. Generally, a first visit is experimental, and prospects want to see how easy it is to use your tool or browse your product range. Asking the customer for too much information upfront, like a long registration form or too many product related questions can result in customers bouncing off your website. Instead, make sure the customer can register with fewer details, choose a product easily and head straight to checkout.

Your 3 steps should be:
  1. Select product
  2. Design product
  3. Purchase product

When it comes to online shopping, the sooner you can get your customer to the shopping cart the more likely you are to make the sale.

Use Beautiful Imagery

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what it can do for your online sales. Walking into your store, a customer would want to hold and feel the quality of your product. When they shop online, they need to trust in the quality of your product simply by looking at the images on your site. A recent study in the UK showed that 61% of online shoppers fail to complete their purchase due to poor product imagery.

Transparent Pricing And Easy Checkout Process

Nothing can be more frustrating than hidden costs and a difficult checkout process. If you charge shipping fees, make sure it’s clearly indicated on the product page. Most online shoppers have a pre-approved amount that they consider to be acceptable to pay for a specific product. Once a customer has this amount fixed in their minds, for example £25 for a 12×12 Canvas print, any amount higher than that is likely to make them abandon the cart. Don’t underestimate the value of an easy checkout process either.Online shopping is about convenience, so the moment it becomes a task, the customer is lost to you. Possibly forever! Don’t forget that your site needs to be secure or very few people would entrust you with their card details. Invest a little extra to ensure your customers’ information is protected.

How Taopix Can Help You

If you’d like to find out more about how Transeo Media can help you establish and grow your personalisation and photo gift business, get in touch.