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Waratah Group looks to the future by embracing innovative ways of running marketing campaigns

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Waratah Group has grown considerably in recent years, focusing on acquisition and expanding its service offering. As the company continues to look to the future, it’s embracing innovative ways of running marketing campaigns while driving increased engagement for clients. The Melbourne-based company has been operating our Web-to-print software and were interested in increasing the services offered to their customer base. It expanded its suite for clients to include our Multi-Channel Marketing platform, a solution offering combined cross-media marketing campaigns using email, online, digital and SMS.

Ganesh Kandan, e-Business Development Manager, Waratah, said the company was focused on keeping ahead of the curve and responded to how the Multi-Channel Marketing software enables them to offer communications across a number of channels. It can create websites for mobile and desktop usage, send personalised emails with automatic triggers and design documents for direct mail with embedded personalised URLs and QR codes. Plus send out interactive customer surveys and build marketing and Facebook apps.

Our Multi-Channel Marketing software is quickly making inroads and boosting customers for Waratah.

How businesses are using our Multi-Channel Marketing Software

Offering Multi-Channel marketing is one way to future-proof your printing business. By adding complementary marketing services, it delivers results for your clients and improves your profitability.

  • Direct marketing collateral – this include print mail pieces, direct mail, email campaigns, personalised URLs and SMS
  • Web – corporate websites, micro sites, mobile web page and campaign landing pages
  • Customer loyalty – newsletters, feedback, surveys and birthday greetings
  • Sales support – lead management, automated sales processes and collateral management
  • Market analysis – response tracking, segmentation and user behaviour
  • Event marketing – invitation campaigns and visitor management