What is Cross-Media Marketing and why is it so effective?

Neil Bather Multi-Channel Marketing

Cross-media, x-media, multi-channel marketing, cross channel, transmedia…it is known by many names, but the important thing is – what does it do and how can it be made easy?

Sometimes a name means nothing unless you have some context, and we know that the term ‘cross-media’ gets pushed around by people who expect you to understand what it means but never really explain it in detail.

We won’t bore you to death but just give you the details on what on earth cross-media is and why on earth you should be interested.
The definition is: it’s a form of marketing that uses multiple forms of media to communicate with the intended recipients.

So, what kinds of media?

It can be a mixture/or all of the following; printed brochures, flyers, catalogues, emails, billboards, webpages, adverts, text messages, direct mail etc.

The ‘Cross’ in Cross-media should refer to the way in which all of these messages are sent out and responded to, not how you feel when setting it all up!

Our Cross-Media software can link them all together into one system, therefore creating an in-depth and personalised campaign that really centres on one-to-one communications. The software allows you to plan a campaign that is streamlined and automated in advance, so you don’t have to take time out to set off individual actions; each response (or lack of response) triggers a new action.

In Result: every customer will only get the communications that are a direct response from their own actions.

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In short, the possibilities are endless, and you can keep all your costs in-house. To find out if this is for you and your business get in touch and we can do a demo and talk to someone who really knows their stuff.

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