Why sell photo gifts?

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The world we live in today is digital-centric. When last have you actually printed or turned your images into something tangible? After we’ve uploaded our images to the cloud or social media, do we ever look at them again?

It is as a result of this truth that the photo-personalisation industry has flourished and is an incredible $4 billion industry! When printing our photos, we recall the fond memories associated with the captures. After digital printing, photobooks made an appearance. Personalised calendars and canvas prints followed not long after. However, there is a relatively new revenue stream for your personalisation or photo commerce business: Photo-Gifts. The Photo-gifting industry is expected to reach $31.63 billion by 2021, this is the future of imaging.

What Are Photo Gifts?

Photo-Gifts range from personalised mugs and water bottles to mousepads, pillows and teddy bears! Your clients now have a different way of cherishing memories and at a lower cost bracket. These items enable the recipient to re-live their happy moments 365 days a year. This also enables you to put your brand in front of clients and prospects daily through the use of photo-gifts.

I Don’t Want To Sell Low-Cost Items

You may be thinking that you don’t want to sell something that has a lower cost bracket, but there is a significant amount of research on price elasticity. This research shows that lower cost items tend to increase the quantity added to a client’s shopping basket. Basically, this means that lower cost equals higher spend per customer. (Remember that time you added the on-sale items to the cart and ended up spending double the amount you had intended?)

It’s Easy To Create

Creating a photobook can take weeks or months. Sorting through images can take long and discourage your client. Designing a photo-gift can be done in a matter of minutes. With our sister companies software, Taopix creator, there are a number of existing templates and designs as part of the launch pack. Since these items only use around 1-4 images, photo-gifts can be created with little effort.

Photo Gifting & Personalisation

Taopix is the world’s number one leader of white-label photo-gifting and personalisation software. If you would like to join the 100s of clients who are already using Taopix, get in touch with me, | 0845 6437490