Imposition & Finishing Automation

Designed with productivity in mind, Ultimate Impostrip® Automation optimises every aspect of your prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy-to-use yet extremely versatile. 

Imposition automation at Ultimate means lights out, hands free, true reliable automation. If you are considering a digital print environment, a web-to-print business, increase in profitability, and if you simply want to do more with the same resources, automation is the answer. With the increasing demand for shorter runs and quicker turnaround times, you have to think differently about imposition and finishing, automation drives results.

First released in 1989, Impostrip® has continued to play a leading role in the market by providing the most innovative imposition products.

Impostrip® Automation - Superior Imposition Automation
Impostrip® Scalable - High volume imposition solution
Impostrip® PassGate - Photo Prints streaming and high-volume Photo book production 


Why our Imposition & Finishing Automation Software?


  • Dynamic Ganging. No templates needed! Auto Ganging for press and paper optimisation
  • Hot folder automation
  • Intelligent Imposition Agent, selects the best layout
  • Dynamic templates allow the use of the same imposition layout for multiple size jobs simultaneously.
  • Automate and optimise for CTP work
  • Automatically manage repeating booklets
  • Automatic creep based on paper thickness
  • Automate and optimise for digital print work


  • Scalable for increased productivity
  • Dynamic Barcodes for job tracking
  • Abode PDF library included
  • Easy Connectivity to Upstream System
  • JPG and PDF input
  • Origami template editor
  • Provides on-the-fly collating marks placement
  • Book Configurator module


  • True PDF/VT imposition workflow for high volume transactional or variable data work
  • Horizon SmartStacker imposition optimisation
  • Autoflow Estimate for your MIS/planning system
  • True Shape Nesting automatically optimises layouts from the die library
  • Scalable multiple server environment
  • Job manager to distribute jobs across all available servers
  • Photo batching optimisation
  • Mutil-lane optimisation, laying photos in order with a logic first in, first out

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