Lay-Flat Paper

Producing a lay-flat book has been traditionally burdened by long turnaround time constraints, complicated processes and cost. Today, Mazina lay-flat paper has revolutionised the way people think about producing digitally printed books. 

Used by major photobook producers, professional photo labs and commercial printers around the world, Mazina lay-flat paper allows the production of stunning lay flat books. What’s more, as Mazina doesn’t require specialist equipment or glue it is surely the simplest and quickest solution around.

Using FlexBind® technology which is a process that integrates a patented flexible hinge into the high-quality print and photo substrates, Mazina lay-flat paper is an ideal drop-in option for all photo books, albums, pitch, presentation books and any project with high quality images that cover an entire spread. Use your existing binding methods such as, stitching, side sewing, gluing, PUR etc. The Flexbind hinge can be located on the long or short side of the sheet, giving you all the size flexibility, you need. 

Mazina layflat sheets work with production digital printing presses from leading manufacturers such as HP Indigo, Kodak, Xerox, Konica Minolta, Ricoh and Canon.  


Why our Lay-Flat Paper?

Photo Book Producers

  • Simple to use
  • Ship the same day, no waiting for glue to cure
  • No investment required in additional finishing equipment
  • Differentiate from your competitors
  • Large lay-flat books available in portrait and landscape formats
  • High profit margins

Commercial Printers

  • Lay-flat books
  • Architect/design pitch books
  • High value estate agency books
  • Jewellery/fashion portfolios
  • Auction guides
  • Art books
  • High profit margins

Professional Photo Labs

  • Economical lay-flat albums
  • Differentiate from your competitors
  • Single sheet two-sided printing (more pages)
  • Use traditional binding methods
  • Large lay-flat books available in portrait and landscape formats
  • High profit margins

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We have built our reputation on our ability to delight clients with a level of design and craftsmanship that makes each photo book an original and timeless classic.

Incorporating the Mazina lay-flat paper range from Transeo Media has allowed us to introduce our Horizon Layflat range to give a premium lay-flat book option which many of our customers want. We are delighted with the finished results Mazina paper delivers, especially the A3 Lay-flat Landscape books