3 Tips to help improve your promotional marketing and website

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  1. Plan your promotional marketing

Who can resist a special offer? Especially around the holiday season. Take some time to think about promotions and campaigns you can put together in the run up to peak season. Some basic examples are noted below, but the more unique you can make these the better.

Discounts on multiple orders of the same product

Free express delivery when spending over a set amount

Use a ‘loss leader’ product, like a greeting card to entice customers to your site. You then have the chance to upsell and market further products to them over the coming weeks and months

Social Social media is where the majority of customers are spending more and more hours everyday. Make sure to think about targeted campaigns for at least Facebook and Instagram, but tailor these to aim for certain demographics

2. Audit your website

The last thing you want is for your customers to respond to your Facebook Ad only to find the link on your website doesn’t work. Or for a customer to visit your website and not be able to proceed to product creation due to a missing link. Make sure to perform an audit of your website to determine how user friendly and functional it is. Asking friends and family to place some test orders is a great way to receive feedback on your site and product functionality. Or let us do it for you! 

3. Get Creative with your product offering

Consumers are willing to spend up to 40% more on personalised products, so make sure you get creative with your product offering. Think about what your customers will need for the holidays… Greeting cards, Gift Tags, Wrapping paper or Face Masks? You get the idea! Chat to our team if you are looking for more ideas on products you could add or if you need help creating products in time for the peak season.