Lay-flat paper is key when looking for portfolio perfection!

Neil Bather Lay-Flat Paper

A business portfolio is a very important document which is designed to provide proof of the companies accomplishments or showcase samples of their work. If it’s a physical book that you are printing as a leave behind at a pitch, a hand out at an exhibition or have as a coffee table book in your reception, make it stand out, and make it lay-flat.

Producing a lay-flat book has been traditionally burdened by long turnaround time constraints, complicated processes and cost. Today, Mazina lay-flat paper has revolutionised the way people think about producing digitally printed books and therefore can be turned around a lot quicker and cheaper than you’d once think.

Lay-Flat books do not have to be finished as the above book, it can be stitched, side sewn, glued, PUR etc. and no specialist finishing equipment is required.

Used by major photobook producers, professional photo labs and commercial printers around the world, Mazina lay-flat paper allows the production of stunning lay-flat books. What’s more, as Mazina doesn’t require specialist equipment or glue it is surely the simplest and quickest solution around. So, if you’re sourcing high-end portfolio pitch books you can be confident you can ask any digital printer for a lay-flat option. If they are unaware of our lay-flat paper, please just point them at our product information page, here.

A portfolio should be really unique, a glossary of your personality and work, your thoughts, your creative thinking process, your ability to express yourselves through different mediums. So, why comprise and cheapen your name, brand and reputation.

We recently created a whitepaper on the different lay-flat stocks, if you would like to learn more, about the paper, sheet sizes, materials etc. you can download it here.

In the meantime, if you are a printer and would like us to join you at your next sales meetings with samples of the paper and finished books, just let us know. Or, if you’re an end-customer wanting us to talk to your printer about a certain project, just get in touch by calling 0845 6437490 or email