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If you love data then you’ll love using our Multi-Channel Marketing Solution!

Our Multi-Channel Marketing software is an all-in-one solution for cross-media marketing and monitoring, allowing creatives to set-up sophisticated personalised campaigns with real-time response and analysis. Working entirely through a browser interface, users can create and personalise printed and digital media campaigns without programming skills. 

The Multi-channel marketing solution manages campaigns, launches websites, sends e-mails and personalised and responsive landing pages, integrates with social media and creates production print-ready files. The software’s Data Relations feature allows data to read from databases and CRM systems, which can then automatically be updated with the results as the recipients respond. For example, an employee is sales can be informed immediately when a potential customer visits his or her website! 

By just having this software in-house it will help you increase customer loyalty, adoption and satisfaction as well as helping you acquire new customers, and drive powerful campaigns with easy to build, personalised communication tools. With an integrated platform designed to create and manage all your personalised assets and communications it gives you the power to have real time 1:1 conversation’s with your customers. If you would like more information, or would like to arrange an online demo please just contact us, by calling 0845 6437490 or by emailing us at info@transeomedia.com.